Workplace Romance Do’s and Don’ts

Workplaces are happening premises where a variety of people interact for reasons that can go beyond the scope of work or official business. Workplace romance is the most popular and obvious of these but there are Workplace Romance Do’s and Don’ts – that need to be followed

Whether, workplace romance is in order or not? That‚Äôs an entirely different dimension, however, this article would focus on Do‚Äôs and Don,ts of workplace romance where it actually exists. Here is a short list of Workplace Romance Do’s and Don’ts.

Do’s of workplace romance

  • It is smart to know and adhere to your employer‚Äôs policies on workplace romance. It is important in more than one reason and the prime reason may be that your company policies may require you to declare your nature of your relationship. You may not like your career to be jeopardized by non adherence to your workplace policies on romancing your workplace members.
  • Like all romantic relationships, it is advisable to establish mutually agreed upon ‚Äúrules of engagement‚Äù with your workplace romance partner. It is more valid in case of workplace romance since personal differences in case of workplace romance would have linkages with guidelines provided by your employer on the subject. Any violations that may come up as a result of romance breakup can have professional consequences.
  • Behave in a professional way, in case of a breakup. Do, take the breakup just on the professional level and never let the personal breakups to affect you in the performance of an official function with your ex workplace Romance partner.
  • Be discrete in your romantic adventures and make sure that you do not incorrectly assess the intention of a fellow workplace member. He or she may be platonic and you may be misreading his or her intentions

Don’ts of workplace romance

  • Worst case scenario in workplace romance is someone getting into a romantic relationship with his or her boss. The Best advice in such cases can be to get the person transferred to report to someone else before you actually embark on a workplace romance
  • Never openly display your affection or intention publicly. It includes all kinds of physical gestures or actions that are indicative of your fondness towards your workplace romance partner
  • Never disclose your workplace romance status on social media channels (unlike your marital status). Such in-discrete sharings can have strong professional implications for more than one reason.
  • Never romance with married colleagues at any costs. This would be considered socially unacceptable and discovery of such an eventuality can generate lots of negative perceptions about you in your workplace.
  • Don‚Äôt be blatant in your show of interest with something that can be viewed as overstepping the norms of decency.
  • Don‚Äôt seek multiple workplace romance partners. Besides tarnishing your personal rapport, this practice is sure to fuel romantic jealousies and rivalries that would not go unnoticed by the company management for long. In more serious cases, you may lose your job pending some heated occurrence related to your multiple workplace romance partners.