How Having Personal Goals can increase Workplace Productivity

Written by Karen Mudie

Workplace Productivity

We’ve all heard about goals, perhaps you’ve set goals before, perhaps not. The fact about setting goals is to give ourselves a vision, a purpose and something to aim for, something to achieve, and something for us to be proud of once completed.


Workplace goals are commonplace, and most usually set by the CEO’s, Managers and Owners of the business, however, very few of us, set ourselves personal goals. God forbid should we allow ourselves to dream and do something for ourselves.

When we set personal goals, or set ourselves a challenge, it allows us to have a focus outside of work, and away from the stress and pressure associated with work performance.

It gives us permission to dream again, like we did as a kid, and to get creative. When was the last time you did something for yourself? Do you have a secret passion, hobby or burning desire to do something you enjoy or have always wanted to do?

Setting personal goals and taking action on them, ignites our internal motivation centre, which, in turn gives you a heightened sense of happiness and increased wellbeing.

In the workplace you could share your personal goals, this way others can support you or even join you (depending on what it is).

On a whiteboard / notice board, only write non-work related wellness goals. Things like Go to the gym 3 times per week‚ π, play football 4 times per month‚ π, or read 10 books this year‚ π are some good ones to get people started.

This also creates a great sense of community and sense of belonging.

Karen Mudie