Importance Of Workplace Policies And Procedures


Every work premises has a set of rules and discipline which top management would like the work force to follow. This is of prime importance in any business development and maturity of objectives. We will highlight the importance of workplace policies and procedures in this article. Let us first understand the meanings of work place policies.

What are workplace policies?

Work place policies and procedures are the statements which define how HR management issues will be handled in an organization. It reflects a company’s values and the expectations from employee in their behaviors and performance.

Workplace policies and procedures are usually a reinforcement and clarification of standard operating procedures in a workplace. Well defined policies assist employers in managing their staff more effectively by a clear and unambiguous definition of what is acceptable and unacceptable conduct in the workplace. They also spell out the implications and consequences of no compliance with those policies.

What all forms part of Workplace Policies and Procedures?

A workplace policy typically comprises of a statement of purpose and broad guidelines on what actions are to be taken to achieve the desired purpose. The statement of purpose must be in simple words, free of ambiguity. The scope of the policy is defined by the issue it tackles.

Are they Flexible?

Depending upon the discretion of top management, policies and procedures may permit leverage in implementation and the basics of exercising discretion usually form part of the policy.

Policies and procedures are more valid where there can be conflict of interests and competing objectives (which can result in vagueness and confusion among employees).

Do you need them everywhere?

  1. Not every workplace issue requires a policy. Most routine matters are dealt through normal workplace procedures and processes.

A workplace policy is a compilation of rules and regulations that are implemented where managers and workers need to be guided about their behavior in the workplace. They are primarily meant to handle and streamline numerous issues relating to health and safety, peer bullying, on job harassment, internet use, and social media etc.

How important is it to have Workplace Policies and Procedures?


Implementation of well developed policies and procedures will be beneficial to your workplace as follows:

  • They are guidelines for employees to know what is expected of them in relation to their behavior and performance.
  • They spell rules and serve as guidelines for decision making in routine situations. The employees and managers (in their presence) do not need to continually ask senior managers.
  • They help in adopting a clear and consistent response to situations involving employee interaction within and outside company framework.
  • They serve as a reassurance to employees about top management sincerity in treating them fair and equal.
  • They formulate the company method of dealing with complaints and misunderstandings in workplace to help avoid any untoward situation.
  • They form a framework for delegation of decision making.
  • New employees can benefit from them as a source of information.
  • They are a display board of your organizational values.
  • Their presence demonstrates good business practices and efficient operation.
  • They are a good defense in case of any litigation, legal action or disputes.
  • They are a great way to handle contingency situations through a well thought out policy and procedures.
  • They foster stability and continuity in an organization.

Not only the above but also;

  • They steer the company in right direction even during periods of massive change.
  • They are excellent in providing a stable framework for business planning
  • Create an environment for assessing performance and enforcing accountability
  • List down functions and responsibilities.
  • A source of information for employees to understand their job better and make decisions within pronounced parameters.
  • With visible policies and procedures and their implementation, employees understand the nature of their job without having to resort to ‚ ≤trial and error‚ π.
  • Policies and procedures spell out individual & team responsibilities, enabling the workforce to clearly understand. A same page for everyone to work from. Employees have a readymade official‚ π word on how to go about their job quickly and easily.
  • Clearly formulated policies and procedures give managers a leverage to exert control by exception instead of ‚ ≤micro-managing’ their staff.
  • They send a loud and clear We Care!‚ π message to employees.
  • demonstrate that the organization is being operated in an efficient and businesslike manner.

The Last Word

Workplace policies and procedures can be rightfully considered as the foundation of company stability in more than one ways. They build an atmosphere of certainty among the managers and employees with clear and concise demarcation of boundaries, duties and responsibilities.