Workplace Health and Safety

workplace health and safety


Choosing Items

So by working through the first three editions of the newsletter you will have:

  • Identified hazards in your operations;
  • Identified the risks associated with those hazards;
  • Consulted with staff and others.

Now, what is the next step? This will depend on what is required, but for this month we will focus on the purchase of new equipment. The internet and cheap international travel has enabled many business people to start importing products which is great, but when standards and quality are compromised it represents a risk to your operations which was not as prevalent in the past. There have been multiple examples in the last 2-3 years of sub-standard products making their way into business operations. These include faulty electrical cabling sold in Queensland and other parts of the country as well as equipment that has not met the indicated load ratings and the list goes on. So, the best ways to safeguard yourself and your staff is to:

  • Buy well established brands;
  • Buy from well established companies that back their products;
  • Look for identification that the item meets the relevant Australian Standards (say a sticker or a reference to the standard on their website):
  • If buying on the internet and the item has an applicable Australian Standard but it is not mentioned either ask the question (there should be a picture of the reference to the Standard) or look elsewhere.


TIP If you are unsure if the item you are buying has a relevant Australian Standard simply google the item, say a ladder and Australian Standard and you will find retailers, manufacturers and the details of the Standard so that you know what to look for when making a purchase. Remember, Standards are updated from time to time so check that you are looking at the latest update. Business owners are legally obliged to ensure the safety of all equipment used within the business operations so you and any staff buying on behalf of the business must be vigilant at all times. See you next month!! To discuss Workplace Hazard assessments please contact us on