7 Smart Ways to achieve Workplace Happiness


What is the ultimate secret to real workplace happiness?

There are many steps that Management Executives can take to keep its staff happy. Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd is a strong believer that EMPOWERING your workforce in various aspects is key and can make a real difference.

Our Outsource Human Resource department would like to share seven ideas which will help you to build your Happy Dream Team‚ π.


# 1 ‚ ¨ Hire people who feel passionate about their jobs. If you let people do what they are particularly good at and they love doing it, managing your workforce will be so much easier. Having aboard from day 1 highly self-motivated employees (with the right attitude) will make a difference to your bottom line.

# 2 – Another highly important aspect is the chemistry between all team members. If people get along very well with one another, they will perform exceptionally well. Our employees at Gold Coast HR always look forward to come to work, to exchange ideas and to do something meaningful together, in order to achieve personal as well as corporate goals.


# 3 ‚ ¨ Offering the right office environment will also have an impact on your employees’ workplace happiness. If staff can customise their own workspace they will feel more comfortable, happier, relaxed, satisfied, motivated and productive. You can achieve this by allowing them:

  • to keep pictures of family or friends on their desk or walls (which might encourage some interesting conversations among work colleagues),
  • to decorate their space more creatively,
  • to keep green plants (did you know that some of them can help to purify the air?),
  • to keep motivational quotes in holders or on their walls,
  • to listen to their favourite music (if job responsibilities allow it),
  • to dress in a way that makes them feel more comfortable (bear in mind that this might not be possible in every industry, e.g. financial sector),
  • to bring their own coffee mugs and meals or
  • to work flexible hours in which they are most productive.


# 4 ‚ ¨ Not everyone is motivated by money only. Listen to your employees’ wishes when it comes to their preferred method of motivation. Some employees might welcome the idea to receive more holidays, opportunities for further development, gym memberships, the option to work occasionally from home, gift vouchers or some verbal public recognition. The more personalised your motivational incentives are, the more your employees will appreciate working for you. Our credo at Gold Coast HR is that everyone is different and unique.


# 5 ‚ ¨ Create a culture in which people work hard, yet can feel relaxed and have some fun. If you want your staff to achieve great results, allow them to experiment and take new, more creative approaches in solving problems. Be tolerant when they make mistakes, only then you will be able to get the best out of them.


# 6 – Create moments in which successes are being celebrated and other important events are being remembered throughout the year. Don’t hesitate to share those special moments of workplace happiness on social media too. The pictures and videos you publish online can speak volumes about what it feels like to work at your company. Last but not least, it might also help you to attract more easily great talent in the future. Our Outsource Human Resource Department can also assist you in your next recruitment challenge.


# 7 ‚ ¨ People want to know how well they are performing. Thus, provide your employees always with constructive feedback. Let them know what they are doing particularly well and what their individual areas for improvement are. Motivate them to an extent in which they will be able to achieve goals that they considered as impossible. Once that moment strikes, reward, reward, reward!


Never forget the benefits of having a happy team in your company. If employees consider their workplace as if it would be their second home, you will have a long-lasting, powerful and loyal team. Remember, most of the people spend more hours at their workplace than at home. Thus, use the opportunity to let your staff know that you care about them on a daily basis. Who does not want to go to work and feel appreciated, respected, valuable, comfortable, important, special and HAPPY?


Written by Karin Schroeck-Singh, 22 September 2015