Canegie – Industrialist said “Take away my buildings and my machinery and leave me with my people and I will rebuild“. A great attitude and when we think about it at it’s most raw – it is very true.   After all you can have the best building on the street, the most technology advanced machinery and systems but without the people to run these for you, you have nothing. Some may argue that robots can do the work but robots are by by and run by who?

I have heard it argues that creating positive workplace cultures is expensive and time consuming and a drain on the company – but it really isn’t and actually it can be totally the opposite. 

Another myth is that cultures change slowly – the truth really is that it will change slowly when initiatives are ineffective, introduced slowly, or when staff loose trust and confidence in their leadership. The speed of any change is directly related to the speed that the company leaders get on board and demonstrate and support the change by their own daily behaviours. 

One of the most effective ways of creating positive workplace relationships is through fulfilling human needs. Like any relationship when our needs are met by those around us we feel comfortable, confident, and motivated to stay in the relationship. 

In my speech on “The importance of workplace culture and positive team relationships” – I talk about Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, Hertzberg’s Two-Factor Theory, The Expectancy Theory and the Hawthorn effect. I link these all back to how I used these theories and “having fun” at work with “Fundraising” to pull a Telecommunications company in the United Kingdom through the Global Financial crisis of 2008. 

Have a listen to my speech below and jump on over to Cancer Council Queensland’s website to express your interest in helping them with their amazing fundraising. 

I had the great honour of being asked to speak at Cancer Council Queensland’s morning tea on Friday 23rd March 2018 on the importance of workplace culture and positive team relationships.

The event was to launch the preparation for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea (ABMT) which is an opportunity for you and your friends, family or workmates to come together, share a cuppa, some delicious food, and help those affected by cancer. You can registaor yout interest using this link HERE


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