Behaviour at a Work Christmas party – the Do’s and Don’ts for a successful event

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Christmas parties are great fun and most of us are looking forward to them in a few more days to come. But it cut’s both ways when it comes to work Christmas parties. They can be a bit tricky for a few reasons and a major cause of jobless dudes on the New Year night for being a bit to much excited‚ π on the party night.

Here are a few tips to behave yourself‚ π at a work Christmas party.


  • Do remember that office parties are social events to raise morale and reward employees, but they remain strictly business events.
  • Do conduct yourself sober and professional at all times. It’s a company function, so observe decorum matter and proper etiquette.
  • Do take the time to network with people who can influence your career such as top management, people, and employees from other office.
  • Do be sure to know who exactly is invited to the party.
  • Do inquire about policies on providing cab or car for employees attending the Christmas party.
  • Keep one hand free during the party to offer handshakes. And keep your drink in your left hand, so you are offering people a warm, dry right handshake all evening.
  • Keep your conversations upbeat and positive. Doavoid off-color jokes and controversial subjects (such as politics, religion etc.).
  • Employers spend money to reward their employees;
  • Do enjoy yourself at the party.
  • Keep your hands to yourself and avoid inappropriate behavior.


  • Don’t drink excessively just because it’s an open free bar. Moderation is the key.
  • Don’t forget to thank the person planning and coordinating the party and top management for hosting the event.
  • Don’t spend all Christmas evening talking business.
  • Don’t dominate conversations ‚ Æ and don’t talk about your accomplishments all night.
  • Don’t pull the nightclub/disco attire from your wardrobe for the event. The party is a business function, so be conservative in selection of party clothes. Skip anything too flashy or too revealing.
  • Don’t miss the invitation to an office Christmas party; non attendance can hurt your reputation.
  • Don’t bring the inappropriate party gifts for the boss, or some other crazy stuff you might do at some other personal holiday party.
  • Don’t make it compulsory for all your staff members to attend. Keep it a personal preference.
  • Don’t gift controversial items like lingerie which may be offensive to a recipient.
  • Do not discipline any employees at the party itself. Send them home if necessary and deal with the incident when you are back at the office – and sober.
  • Don’t offer free alcohol or personally consume excessive amounts to remain sober.
  • Don’t allow usage of drugs or tolerate any criminal activity.
  • Don’t drive back home if you are drunk. Hire a taxi instead.
  • Don’t be late from work the next morning just because you drank and partied all through the night.
  • DON’T, whatever you do, put your organisation or firm name to anything that might cause embarrassment or damage to company reputation.
  • Don’t air ill feelings or grievances against work colleagues or boss.


The Bottom Line

Work Christmas party is a great favour from your company. Enjoy it responsibly. Wayward behaviours can land you in unwanted situations as your top management would notice your behaviour (especially when there is trouble originating from you)

Be composed and sociable unless you want to hunt for a new job before New Year


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