WooHoo, The New Gear Is Here, Let’s Go!!

WooHoo, The New Gear Is Here, Let’s Go!!

In our last edition we looked at buying new items for your operations, today we will look at introducing those items into your operations.


unwrapping the new machine - WooHoo, The New Gear Is Here, Let's Go!!

The biggest mistake is to ‚ ≤assume’ that everyone will know how the new item works or that they will ‚ ≤pick it up’


In the past many people would simply buy a new Widget and expect people to use it without adequate preparation & training. With the demands on manufacturers to constantly innovate there are often new features on equipment that was simply not there before or the functions have changed to allow for a wider range of features.

The biggest mistake is to ‚ ≤assume’ that everyone will know how the new item works or that they will ‚ ≤pick it up’. The short amount of time it takes to

(1)study the operation of a new item

(2)summarise the important points and

(3)hold a training session, is time well spent when you look at the potential costs associated with not doing so, such as lower productivity, damaged stock or personal injuries.

For example, we were recently called to a business with an industrial saw, in the rush to remove the old saw and start using the new one, no training had been done. It turns out that the new saw had clear instructions that an adjuster should not be set past a particular point other than in very specific applications. These instructions were never read and the staff had set the saw up just like the previous unit. It turns out the saw was being damaged whilst on this setting and over time was not cutting stock the way it was designed resulting in unusable stock, frustrated staff and many wasted hours of labour to ‚ ≤repair’ the damage on each item.

Luckily no-one was injured but it is a clear demonstration of how good health & safety practices can also help improve the bottom line. In this particular case the total time for the preparation & completing the training session (supervisor to read instructions and prepare short training session with 8 staff x 15 minutes) would have been about 4 hours, so say $160 in direct costs.

The costs in damaged stock, equipment and lost production time was estimated at $4,500-$5,000. That doesn’t even consider the morale lowering effect of not doing things right in the first place.

The WorkCover records are full of injuries resulting from inadequate preparation for newly introduced plant & equipment into business operations. Take the time, do it right and reap the benefits now and into the future.

Our team have recognised training qualifications and experience, if you have any queries simply make contact, we are always happy to help. Ph 1300 332 322 or email whs@freshhrinsights.com.au

Till next time.