Getting your business right from the financials to your people matters can be daunting even for the most seasoned professional. At Fresh HR Insights we offer a flexible External Human resource Consultant service

BUT Why do you use a HR Consultant?

Within every Company out there, you would expect that there is a Human Resource department within that Company that is responsible for many things that go on in the Company. This could be Recruiting, On Boarding, Performance Management, Conflict resolution and terminations.  For Companies who do not have one of these departments, then they are only hurting themselves in the long run since they are going to find that there are several things that the human resources consultant can do for the business that is going to help improve the business in many different ways.

In order to know what the Human Resources consultant does in an Company, the person must first understand what the human resources department is there for.

They are basically the link between the company and the employee.

They are there to settle grievances that may come about and to look for ways in which they can improve the work environment for the employee, while still maintaining the companies integrity.

So with that being said, the first task that most human resources consultants tackle, is making the company one that hears out their employees and making sure that the employee understands that they do have somewhere to turn when they are needing help. They may do this by broadcasting their availability, as well as making sure that they are helping those that are in need.

Secondly, the human resources consultant is going to address the management within the company. For example, they are going to find that one of their main jobs to the company is to make sure that the management is working in a way that is not costing the company. For example, if they find that there are too many managers in one department they may recommend a course of action for the company to take in order to make sure that this department is functioning in a way that it should be functioning.

When it comes to employee relations, the human resources consultant may devise ways in which the company can make the employees feel more appreciated. For example, they may throw company picnics, sponsor some sort of trip that the employees can take and so forth. Their main goal is to make sure that employees are happy with the company so that the company can retain those employees instead of having a high employee turn around

For the firm, they are going to notice that by hiring a Human Resources consultant that they have greatly increased the chances of the company keeping its employees, plus they have improved the company overall. Before the human resource consultant the company heads may not have realized that they were alienating their employees or that they were devoting too much man power to one area. Basically, the human resources consultant comes in with a fresh eye to things and can give the company exactly what they are needing, even if they are unsure of what they needed to have in the company in the first place. These ideas are what have made some companies stay around for years and years without having to worry about the economy and other factors that make some firms bite the dust.

Does that make sense?

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