Human resource policies and procedures should not gather digital dust. Your busy company is most likely changing, as are the risks, the technology and the legislations. An annual revision with additions, tweaks and some ditching will address your business’ strategies.

Annual revisions are helpful as they avoid mammoth, complex overhauls which can occur if revisions are only done irregularly.

Of course, there will be unplanned changes required, if, for example, dramatic new legislation is passed.

Economics And Labour Trends

Your business is seen as archaic in today’s world if you do not consider flexible hours or work from home options. If your business is seen as archaic, you will not attract the highest quality talent resources. Particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic working from home and flexible working became the norm. What we saw as not possible is suddenly very possible and employers need to adapt.

Along with the arrival of Generation Y, what other aspects of employment in 2021 might make you dramatically reconsider your HR policies?

Here’s our run-down:

Tough financial times usually bring about an increase in disciplinary and grievance procedures, increasing your risk of unfair dismissal case pay-outs which can  prove very costly particularly when your business may be struggling already. There is a trend of opportunistic employees who will give it a go so the proactive approach is to be one step ahead.

In that instance, to protect yourself, a revision of compliance processes, termination processes and internal investigation policies would be essential plus training of management on effective, non-confrontational leadership. And make sure that the employees are being regularly taken through these and signing off on them.

Multiple Generation Workforces

A multiple generation workforce has diverse experience, needs, expectations and strengths. In general, the older generation lives to work while the younger generation work to live and are fiercely protective of their work-life balance as well as not respecting decades of loyalty.

Revise your policies and procedures to check that managerial training is sufficient to handle larger diversity and ensure full inclusion.

Succession planning needs adjustment in line with this. Health care policies include preventative health care, health and safety, providing all staff with skills updating to remain relevant and formalising flexible working practices, including work from home.


Gen Y employees start their careers with enormous student loan baggage. They will choose the path that reduces their debt most quickly. Expect employee turnover to occur every 18 months  or so unless you have compelling starting salaries, retentive salary packages, strong multi-phased career paths, ongoing development opportunities and inspiring line managers.

Data Security

Threats of data breaches and mismanagement of information are amplified with the plethora of digital devices not under your direct control. Thus the data protection policy needs frequent reviewing.

New employees must have thorough background checks done by your HR professional and all employees’ access should be A.I. monitored with suspicious activities flagged.

In larger corporations, continually review employees’ full contact details and the areas of the organisation they now work in.

Ensure all employees are trained with practical how-to guides regarding data security.


Business resource management (objects, data and people) continues to grow in complexity.  Your successful business could be irreparably harmed if policies and procedures do not protect you OR your staff sufficiently.

Contact our experienced, efficient professionals for assistance in reviewing your human resource policies and procedures so that you and your team are protected and can focus on achieving your business goals. We can work side-by-side, or remotely, with you within your budget parameters.