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  • What type of employees do you need
  • What about the Probation period
  • Record keeping – what do I need
  • Taking on a New Employee – Checklist


An Employer must give every new employee a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement before, or as soon as possible after, they start their new job.

Penalties of up to $63,000 for a corporation and $12,600 for an individual may be imposed if employers do not comply with this requirement.

Have you given your team their Fair Work Statement??


Warning! This is NOT a traditional ebook.

I wrote it to teach you how to track and improve your Employee Compliance and knowledge in the shortest possible time.
It contains tips and step-by step instruction PLUS a Bonus Checklist. 

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As a start up business Paulette was FANTASTIC in assisting us with everything we need! She made me feel confident when onboarding new staff members, was available to chat and answer any questions at anytime, even after hours! Paulette created our full manual, personally delivered to our office and a wonderful hamper of fruit! Paulette was sensational and cannot wait to continue doing business with Fresh HR Insights.


Unlike other companies we approached, Fresh HR Insights were always available to answer our questions, discuss our needs and be our helping hand. Paulette is so accommodating and it was refreshing to be provided with a happy, smiling face. We would definitely recommend Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd to other growing companies and we are excited to develop our relationship further.


Have you thought about:

  • What kind of employment are you offering?
  • Is your worker an employee or contractor?
  • Can your employee legally work in Australia?
  • What are your employee’s rights under anti-discrimination laws?
  • What are your record keeping requirements?
  • Are you paying the correct wage and entitlements?
  • What tax do you need to deduct from your employees pay?
  • What are your superannuation obligations?
  • What are your workplace health and safety obligations?
  • Do you need worker’s compensation insurance?

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