If you’re experiencing an issue at work, who is it that you go to for help? The answer to this is a no-brainer, of course, you seek out the human resource department. The problem, however, is if the company that you work for does not have an HR department or the department simply is not big enough to assist with every issue inside the office. There is another answer to this dilemma, this is where outside support can be your saving grace.

Human Resource Help

These companies act as the go-between and can bridge the gap between management and employees. They could even help with employee-to-employee discrepancies. As a sort of ‘middle-person’, all parties can be supported and represented fairly in the bid for achieving a productive and respectable workspace.

Here are some reasons why having a HR team that knows what they’re doing so important:

Wages And Salaries

Are you paying your employees the right amount in reference to the work done? Take a look at this high-profile case where they really could have used the help of a HR team and their prevention procedures:

A&K Property Services Pty Ltd, which operated two Sushi 79 stores in the Sunshine Coast and Ipswich respectively was hit with penalties of over $125,000 due to not keeping proper wage records. This also resulted in the company not issuing payslips to employees. Any HR team member would have seen this coming from a mile away.

Maintaining Compliance

There are a number of possible happenings that will require procedures to be in place such as investigations, disciplinaries and terminations. When it comes to times like these, a HR team will have the rules and procedure in place to protect the business and employees.

Here is a real-life case that highlights the importance of this:

In the case of Anderson v Thiess Pty Ltd [2014] FWC 6568, Mr. Anderson had been dismissed for sending an offensive work email that targeted persons of the Muslim faith. Even though this act was a breach of the company’s policies and risked damages to the company, Anderson was awarded $28,000 in compensation on the grounds that the dismissal was unreasonable and harsh. The issues here were a combination of Anderson’s advanced age, only a verbal warning was issued when this had happened previously, and sufficient time was not given for Anderson to accept his mistake and apologise.

Having the correct processes in place is a must. There are numerous procedures that the right HR team can put in place to protect you and your employees. For more information about what passes for a good HR team, check out Fresh HR Insights, or better yet, get in touch with them.