The human resources department is often the heart of a company. Did you know that they can also be added to your business virtually?

What Is Virtual HR?

Virtual Human Resources refers to the process of providing a range of services within this department through various technological channels. A virtual HR department uses technology to connect HR services with the workforce rather than having a physical presence within the business’ premises.

The way that this is achieved is through self-service platforms where workers provide data directly into the channels thereby avoiding having to reach out to a third party for the service. The demand for Virtual HR has increased as more businesses seek to reduce costs in their HR departments. Additionally, virtual HR has been found to offer users a competitive edge and a reduced risk compared to traditional HR outsourcing. The main virtual HR functions that exist include virtual training, onboarding and recruiting.  Virtual HR can be offered in packages, as software and more.

COVID-19 has catapulted the need as well as the technology that allows for virtual HR. From ZOOM meetings including disciplinaries and performance management to team meetings and get togethers. What has been a challenging time for all not just on the Gold Coast but Australia wide has actually shown immense innovation in what we can actually do virtually.

Advantages Of Virtual HR

At present, whether you are using outsourced experts or an in-house team for HR services, the fact is that good HR is a necessity in any business. Human resources professionals are the lifeblood of the company because their job is to ensure that the business gets the most out of its employees. Unfortunately, the costs of hiring or running a good HR team is often pretty high. Here are five of the top advantages of using virtual HR.

  1. Integrated HR

For some, HR services are more of an afterthought or “as needed” practices, only being brought in when there’s an issue. This is somewhat limiting as ongoing practices and procedures are often integral to smooth sailing in a business. For instance, let’s say that concerns aren’t being addressed on a regular basis, your workforce may end up feeling demotivated and unsupported. The goal is, as always, to keep productivity steady and the bottom line in mind.

This is where virtual HR would come in. HR functions and services can be better integrated across the board. This would allow for an extended reach and ensure higher efficiency in integral functions throughout the entire workforce of the business.

  1. Ongoing Performance Reviews

Instead of the once-a-year meeting companies tend to have on performance reviews, virtual HR can monitor workforce performance continuously. This will allow you to collect data on a larger scale and in turn make it easier to identify bugs as they happen. This can include employee feedback and correspondence which, if done right, will make your workforce feel valued, engaged and assisted.

  1. Improved Efficiency

Virtual HR allows companies to do more with less. This practice promotes self-service among employees. Other HR services like payroll are done with automated ease which eliminates human error and the expense of company resources.

  1. Overhead Reduction

Another top advantage that the use of virtual HR brings is the reduction of overhead costs. Thanks to virtual HR, having a physical human resources department filled to the brim with employees and other costs is not a necessity. The integral functions and practices of HR can be present in a company without the “middleman”.

Imagine you have a chain of business locations, having a physical HR presence in each will prove taxing on your company resources. It’s possible to still have an efficient workforce and only one HR department running the show thanks to virtual HR. You also do not have to pay superannuation (in most cases) on the cost of the virtual HR team

  1. Being Everywhere At Once

It is no longer a necessity to be physically present in the world of business. This might have seemed like a strange made-up concept a few years ago but it is entirely possible to achieve an entire department’s tasks without having a set of HR offices in your company building. Coupled with the fact that your reach is actually extended through the use of virtual software means that physical location is no longer a hindrance and HR services can be accessed anywhere with just a few clicks of a mouse.

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