I am a person, not just a payroll number; The value in treating employees with respect

The relation between an employer and an employee is a rather tricky one. Purely on technical grounds, an employee is a person hired by an employer to work for him or her for an agreed some of money.

The relationship (on the surface at least) seems to be purely commercial where an employee offers his or her services in return for monetary benefits. But the employee – employer equation is not that simple. The primary reason, an employee is a human who has emotional and psychological needs that affect his or her efficiency, productivity, ability to deliver voluntarily and to the best of his or her potential. Need to be respected and recognised is one of the most overriding instincts of any human and that is equally true when it comes to workplace.

Why do employers need to respect their employees and what benefits they derive mutually?

Some of the most respected workplace psychologists and employee surveys agree that the feeling of “being respected” is a great motivational and driving force for any employee and “respected employees” perform far better than those who feel to be insulted or not given due respect. Respected employees are more likely to remain with their employer (no matter even if they are not as well paid). Here are some of the benefits that derive from a relationship of giving and taking respect between an employer and an employee:

  • It builds the all important trust between an employer and an employee. The element of trust goes a long way in establishing a longer lasting association and employees have faith in the intention and actions of their leadership.
  • Most of the working relationships are based on the element of respect (besides camaraderie). Mutual respect breeds a sense of connection that develops into mentor and mentee affiliation. This connection is the foundation on which culture of learning is built and contributes on major level towards organisational efficiency.
  • Employee feels a connection on personal level with the employer and takes pain to deliver for the betterment of the business. Respect takes the employer-employee connection to a whole new level of understanding.
  • The feeling of being respected is a great stress reducer just like a workplace with opposite values loads employees with huge amount of stress.
  • Respect fruits into improved teamwork, greater and unhindered workflow and ultimately enhanced output. Invariably every employee responds with better job performance when he or she feels respected.

Tips for employers to make their employees feel respected

  • Deliver personal notes and greetings to your employees at appropriate occasions
  • Maintain strict confidentiality when an employee trust you with a personal problem
  • Support your employee in the hour of their need
  • Invite and appreciate their opinion and give them the right amount of say where it matters
  • Return their compliments with a smile and never forget to answer their calls or emails.
  • Appreciate and recognize their hard work with words, written content and occasional monetary benefits.


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