The value in having an employee handbook

HR outsourcing is the new money saver in a world where you are constantly looking for ways to save money. Organisations have gone to an extent where only their HQ is in one place and all other products are being manufactured and packaged in other countries or locations to save costs.

This is where the beauty of human resource outsourcing comes in. In a world like this the value of having an employee handbook or ready reference is of utmost importance. This is especially true for small business HR. Amidst all this madness, Fresh HR Insights as Gold Coast’s HR Consultant stands out as they provide you with the ultimate bible on the way that you do business. 

The first and foremost question that may arise is the actual need for an employee handbook.

But why do you need one you ask??

  • If you have an employee you instantly inherited a raft of legal obligations that you must fulfil. With most of these legal obligations if something goes wrong the first thing the courts will ask you is what was your written policy on this issue
  • A well-drawn Employee Handbook can be an important record that will assist and support you as an employer, should any legal issues or claims be brought against you
  • A well-written handbook ensures your employees know your expectations, clearly understand the rules of conduct in your company, and are aware of the benefits to which they are entitled
  • An employee handbook represents an important communication tool between your company and your employees
  • An employee handbook leaves nothing to chance and can be used as a bench-marking tool for performance

This is an essential tool for the formulation of a company’s policies and procedures. The performance and conduct of outsourced personnel are heavily dependent upon the input and output of this handbook.

To develop this handbook one needs expert HR advice from professional HR services like what Fresh HR Insights provides as a Gold Coast based HR Consultant. They are human resource specialists with expertise in fair work issues. They have expert HR teams that help Small Business HR departments formulate policies and procedures for outsourcing and developing the employee handbook. They are also experts in developing innovative solutions for your HR problems. Not all small business HR teams understand the challenges they may face while handling outsourced employees. Gold Coast HR Consultants, on the other hand have developed professional HR services that will make your handbook a tool for easing up your HR worries.

We will not only handle your current outsources employees, but have an expert HR recruitment process. The new recruitment process is time taking and may deplete a small business HR department of its resources. Therefore, professional HR services like what we provide give you a fresh recruitment policy along with help in the complete hiring process.

The performance and conduct of these new recruits are also monitored so the managers at the top level in the company have a complete picture of how each and every task is being carried out. This big picture was not always available to managers and top hierarchy as the outsourced employees worked in total darkness. Gold Coast HR Consultants will help you get rid of this old problem. Not only will they help you get rid of this, but will also help throughout the process of recruitment and the challenges further ahead.

The best thing about this expert HR facility is that you can buy their services on whatever frequency you require. It ranges from professional HR services on an hourly basis to contractual basis. You can hand over your entire small business HR department over to us or collaborate with our professional HR service providers to formulate and use the outsourced employee handbook. Therefore, if you are in need of such a professional service that can help you not only with finding the right people to do the job, but also keep track on their progress and help you attain professional excellence while doing so.           

Customised Employee Handbooks for all Business sizes, Industries, locations across Australia and culture’s 

We have 3 options when it comes to our Employee Handbooks. From a Simple handbook through to a Comprehensive Employee Handbook. ALL our Handbooks are customised to your specific Business and Industry. We do not sell generic handbooks or off the shelf solutions. We FIRMLY believe in a personal service and bringing the HUMAN back into Human Resource Management.

If you are undecided about whether to invest the time in creating a handbook, consider some of the other uses for a handbook in addition to communicating important information to employees.

Provided the appropriate content is there, the handbook can serve a number of purposes:

  • A motivator. A handbook can give employees a sense of being a part of something larger. If your handbook includes information about the business’s history and goals, it can provide a positive motivation for keeping employees excited about their jobs and involved in the company’s success.
  • A reference. With a handbook, everyone knows the rules of your workplace. When an employee breaks a rule, you can refer to the handbook. It helps make enforcement and discipline easier.
  • Your shield from charges of discrimination or unfair treatment. If discrimination or unemployment claims are brought against your business, your handbook can provide persuasive evidence that you had clear, reasonable rules against certain conduct which were communicated to employees and fairly enforced.