Why Should You Use a Remote Pool of Candidates to Expand Your Talent Pool?

More and more companies are looking to expand their talent pool and what better way to do that then to use a more remote pool of candidates. More companies are embracing the virtual environment because this allows them to hire employees from remote places, who do not necessarily have to work on the field.  This saves the organisation a lot of money as well. It is convenient for the employee too, since the work hours are flexible and who does not like working from home. It also gives the companies a chance to attract the best and the brightest when they broaden their horizons to remote candidates. Here are a few reasons why this could help in broadening the talent pool for any company or organization:

  • Easy access to technology

We have gotten so accustomed to technology; gone are the days when a technician was required to come to the house to fix a bug with the computer or the internet, we just Google it or do it ourselves. Everybody owns a computer and a smart phone and almost everyone has a working and fast Wi-Fi connection at their homes.

With such easy access to technology, it is easy to stay connected to their co-workers at all times even when there is no face to face contact. They can easily contact and communicate with each other over various systems, networks and devices without much problem.

  • No long commutes

Studies indicate that long commutes often make the employers miserable. By the time they reach the office after a long and uncomfortable commute, they are already tired and unmotivated. This tends to take a toll on their working ability and their health and subsequently would cost the company money. Allowing them to work from home enables them to make their own hours, whichever is comfortable for them. When they are selecting their own timings, they are more motivated and their working ability is considerably enhanced.

  • Global talent

You may not realise it but limiting your candidate pool to a geographical location will seriously limit the global talent that you could employ for your company. When a worker does not have to commute to his workplace every day, you can hire more talented and experienced professionals for lesser money.

The bottom line is that every company has some areas which do not require manual labor or on field all the time.

The owners and managers need to be able to trust their workers that they are doing the work they are supposed to do and in a better way, no matter their remote location. You may need to give up some managerial aspects of your job as you will not be as much in control as you were used to, but if done properly, remote hiring can give your business a competitive edge in the market and would ensure a long sustaining Human Resource pool to pick from.