Untrained Employee = unhappy employees

Untrained employees are unhappy employees – Business has always been an evolving field ever since eternity where innovation and being “in-step” has been paying dividends in terms of revenue increase and an increase in productivity. This is truer today than any other time in the business as small business revenues are getting more and more intricately woven with the factors which never really mattered just a few decades back. Workplace training, training employees and using training as an investment in the business are such trends. Workplace training, which was once considered as lost time in business, is now one of the most emphasised concepts and business strategy anchors.

Most business giants and some of the smart small businesses now perfectly understand the wisdom of training employees and consider it as an investment in the business to revenue increase and increase productivity. In fact, a trained employee is a happy employee and an untrained employee is an unhappy one. Here are some of the defining reasons that how an untrained employee is an unhappy employee:

How untrained employees are unhappy employees?

  • The chaos and confusion. A new workplace comes with new surprises for new graduates and freshmen. Fresh from the theoretical part of their education, the new employees have little or no experience of the routine running of an active and thriving business. It takes quite some time for these fresh inductees to start knitting into the fabric of a fast moving business. Workplace training is the best mean to reduce the “downtime” and “time lost in the business” for such new employees. Training makes it easier for them to understand the demands of the workplace, dynamics of the business, rules of the business and the policies of the employers. The resultant clarity (owing to the employee training” removes the cause of confusion and chaos that comes naturally with a new workplace or lack of experience.
  • They never believe the workplace owns them. Investing in the employee training is a vital source of establishing the precious bond between the employer and the employee. An unhappy employee has a universal thinking that the employers just want work out of him or her without having to think of any personal benefit (except for the agreed pay and perks associated directly with the job). Training of employees doesn’t fall in the category of the agreed upon benefits, whereas, training employees plays a vital role in employee development on personal level as well. Training employees on one hand builds the workplace efficiency of the employees (contributing to revenue increase and increased productivity) and on the other imparts a sense of “being owned” in the employees (this creating happier workforce).
  • Untrained employees lack the much needed confidence. Under performing and unhappy employees are many times those who do not carry the right amount of understanding related to their particular job. Employee training ensures that each employee understand the requirement of his or her job and be more productive, efficient, confident and happy at the workplace.