As we close the chapters of the old year and step into the new one, everyone’s abuzz about the HR trends for 2024. What’s on the horizon? How can I prepare? And if you’re asking yourself the same, you’ve landed in the right spot.

We’ve rounded up the major HR trends for 2024. It’s your guide to staying ahead and setting up your organization for an even more successful and productive year ahead.

AI's continuing influence

AI (artificial intelligence) is here to stay, including its role in HR. Namely, in 2023, a whopping 88% of global companies incorporated some form of AI technology into their HR processes. This trend is expected to persist, continuing to transform crucial functions.

To truly make the most out of AI in your HR during 2024, it’s all about strategic implementation. Make sure your teams know what AI does, and use it where data analysis is crucial, like in recruitment (e.g., for AI-based resume screening) and employee retention (e.g., predicting turnover risks). Also, seek feedback from your teams to find the right balance between AI’s efficiency and the irreplaceable human element in HR.

Year of smart, flexible work arrangements

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped how we work, and now, as we head into 2024, companies are embracing more flexible setups, combining in-office and remote work. Additionally, the Australian government actively supports this employment approach through Fair Work Act changes for workplace flexibility and The Working Future white paper. (See this article for more details.)

What’s HR’s role in all this? A crucial one.

If you’re adopting flexible work in the upcoming year, make sure your HR department focuses on both boosting employee satisfaction and tackling challenges like tech integration, evolving leadership and psychological aspects (e.g. isolation). Therefore, setting clear policies for seamless remote collaboration, fostering accountability, and offering leadership training for managers should be at the top of your to-do list.

Redefining culture and D&I approaches

In Mercer’s Global Talent Trends 2023 Report, culture stood out as a major priority for businesses, and this trend is set to continue into 2024. With Generation Z stepping into the workforce and millennials taking up more leadership roles, HR professionals must navigate diverse expectations. Younger employees seek company cultures with better work/life balance, continuous learning, and a stronger focus on diversity and inclusion.

Speaking of D&I, the year ahead calls for a redefined approach. It’s not just about fostering inclusivity during hiring but nurturing existing talent to create a more equitable workplace across the whole organization. This includes inclusive language use, policies for parental leave, harassment protection, disability awareness, and more.

Maintaining employee wellbeing

The conversation around boosting employee wellbeing isn’t exactly new, but it remains a vital part of HR trends for 2024. The combination of pandemic uncertainty and rapid digital transformation has led many employees to feel overwhelmed and stressed, inevitably impacting productivity and engagement. So, how can you proactively address these challenges?

Cover all angles of employee wellbeing—physical, mental, social, and financial. In 2024, employees seek support, flexibility, and employers who genuinely prioritize their welfare. Offering stress leave, wellness programs, rewards, and fostering open communication are key ways to embed wellbeing in your workplace.

HR trends for 2024: Focus on what matters the most

Here, we come to the end of our list. These are the top HR trends for 2024, along with tips and guidelines on handling them effectively. Remember, every change, no matter how big or small, toward a more engaged and productive workplace matters.

Bonus tip: There’s no need to overhaul your approach with every new HR trend or novelty. Instead, focus on those that prioritize optimizations, open communication, and relationships. These aren’t just temporary “trends” but essential elements for a productive and content workplace.

If you’re aiming for that kind of work environment, we’ve got you. The Fresh HR Insights team provides expert HR knowledge and years of experience to support your company in meeting its workforce goals and scaling successfully.