Employers everywhere will always be interested in the hunt for bright and young talent. For an undisputed fact, this hunt is such that will span throughout the year 2019. With the year off to a bright start, small business human resources and SME business support is ever looking for ways to create the perfect and necessary picture to attract the right kind of employee. With the waves of litigation and lawsuits hitting start-up businesses on the Gold coast and the whole of Australia, it is important that HR gets it right when dealing with employing.

First of all, employers seeking to recruit in Australia should familiarize themselves with the Fair Work Ombudsman and Fair Work Australia so that they make sure all legal requirements are met. These bodies are responsible for keeping the atmosphere at the workplace at a non-toxic level.

The Fair Work Ombudsman is an independent statutory office. Their jurisdiction is set out in the Fair Work Act 2009 and services are free to all workers and employers in Australia.

Their main role is to:

  • promote harmonious, productive and cooperative workplace relations
  • ensure compliance with Australian workplace laws
  • monitor certain 457 and 482 subclass visa arrangements.

The Fair Work information Information Statement must be made available to each employee. The National Employment Standards provided under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) requires an employer to provide each new employee with a copy of the FWIS before, or as soon as practicable after, the employee commences employment.

Secondly, it is important to determine the forms of appointment. Human resources in Australia, Gold coast, and Brisbane should be diligent to effectively communicate each form of employment that is available. This procedure allows an employer to recruit the right employee for a corresponding need. This step is necessary to prevent underhand in the appointment process. When all the standards, forms, and entitlement that comes with each job is communicated, the employee’s confidence in HR is set at an all-time high level.

What type of employees do you need?

The type of employees that you choose is a very important decision and you need to be aware of the legal ramifications relating to each employee type and manage them accordingly and appropriately. Follow ‘best practice’ to reduce the costs, minimise legal exposure and develop an engaged workforce.

Types of employees

  • Permanent full-time
  • Permanent part-time
  • Casual employment
  • Non-employees such as independent contractor
  • Labour hire workers

Your business has its own set of unique operational requirements and what meets your needs won’t necessarily meet the needs of another.

When the forms and types of appointment are communicated, an employer can then proceed to design a job description. This is that procedure that differentiates the “desirable” from the “essential.” It involves a clear-cut description of skill that is needed for each job.

It is important for employers to make a mental note of the fact that, job descriptions when it is not properly constructed often involve a hint of discriminatory language. To steer clear of this pitfall, avoid references to age, sex, and race. For example, ensure direct coaching for women in business as much as men have it.

Furthermore, it is important to decide on the application process. For consulting purpose, it is advisable that the process is simplified so as to take care of people with disabilities and cultural background. Speaking of simplification, it is advisable an online portal is implemented for easy access.

Another important thing to do is to design an impressive employee agreement form. This should adequately cover their occupational health, compensation system, safety system, and remuneration. Although they are entitled to them by law, such as the Australia health and safety requirement, workers compensation insurance etc. Stressing that you care about them will be appreciated.

Finally, although it may seem superficial, it is never too early to plan for advertisements. Remember to capture reasons why they should work with you and put little emphasis on their race, age and sex.

Most importantly, if you are unsure of the process to follow, need some help, support or advice then you can contact the team at Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd.

A simple solution is to set the foundations from the outset and ensure you have all expectations set out can save you a whole heap of bother down the line. Some small businesses shoot from the hip and make rash decisions, but the team at Fresh HR Insights spend more time on preventive management, like getting your car serviced, so employee’s are behaving in a way that prevent problems happening in the first place. We are super passionate about getting this right that we have created and are GIVING you all the New Starter documents to make sure you set off on the right track when you recruit in our New Starter Kit.

What do you get?

  • New Team Member Starter Pack
  • Induction/ orientation checklist
  • Taking on a New Employee Checklist
  • Record Keeping Checklist (Fair Work Act)
  • Fair Work Statement
  • TFN Declaration
  • Superannuation Standard Choice Form