A business is a combination of many diverse factors and all factors play interactively to shape up great business prospects. Employees forms the base of any business, employees are the most important asset of a business.

Keeping the workforce motivated and productive should be the most serious concern of any smart business and it is in fact the most challenging dimension of any business. Flexible HR solutions and flexible working conditions form the basis of most efforts made in this direction. Family friendly workplaces is one of the most trending concepts of flexible HR solutions.

The benefits of Creating Family Friendly workplaces

This article is aimed at discussing the benefits of family friendly workplaces (especially Gold Coasts friendly workplaces) and how family friendly workplaces help in balancing family and work. But before we go on to analyze the benefits of family friendly workplaces, let us have a broad understanding of what family friendly workplaces really mean.

What are family friendly workplaces?

Family friendly workplaces are all such business premises that allow flexible working to its workforce for balancing family and work. In real terms it means relaxation in work hours or conditions for child care, facility to work from home, opt for part time work hours, etc. Such incentives and relaxations is a newly introduced HR concept and an extended version of benevolent management behavior. Though, the concept is largely untested on a massive level, but it is picking up quickly for its obvious benefits. Here are some of the pronounced benefits of Gold Coasts family friendly workplaces.

Benefits of Gold Coasts friendly workplaces as a flexible HR solution

  • Reduced desertion and resignation rates. It is obvious that many worthwhile employees may have family issues (like a special child) that may reduce their capability to respond to a classic 9-5 job requirement. Yet, they may contribute significantly to the business (even distantly or with reduced working hours at the workplace). On premises childcare facilities, option to work distantly and similar work incentives can contribute to higher employee retention levels and fewer resignations/desertions.
  • Motivation and loyalty. Family friendly workplaces are known to generate a strong sense of loyalty and motivation among the workforce members. It is an obvious fruit of the sentiment derived from feeling that the workplace cares about the problems, issues and well being of its human resource. This is a direct contributor to enhanced organizational productivity and output.
  • Helps in developing workforce focus and productivity. Family friendly workplaces help workforce in establishing a balance in work and family. The resultant peace of mind helps in removing distractions and improving work related focus. Family friendly workplaces are great stress relievers that contribute to organizational productivity.
  • Generates good will and better recruiting opportunities. Family friendly workplaces are cherished by the workforce and that helps in projecting a more employee friendly image. Employee friendly image is a magnet for new talent and old hands seeking better workplace conditions.

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