For any small business to succeed it is important to have the correct policies and procedures put in place that protect both the business and the employee. These HR policies and procedures set guidelines on how to handle a number of issues that may arise in the workplace, even if the workplace is small.

Having a dedicated outsourced HR support team provides direction to employees and governs the rights of both the employer and employee. Running your own small business is no easy feat, it requires a lot of time, resources, finances and well-suited candidates that are able to function in their given roles. Managing all of the above while trying to make a success of your small business can be difficult. It is for this reason that outsourced HR support teams are highly recommended.

Assistance Provided

Outsourced HR support teams are comprised of skilled professionals that are able to assist your small business with the necessary support and advice that is needed to ensure your business thrives without the need to engage them on your payroll. “There when you need them and not when you don’t”.

Outsourced HR Support Team And The Services They Offer

  • Having an outsourced HR team in place ensures that your small business is paying employees according to the required legal standard pay rate, and that employees are paid on time and for overtime. With so many changes in 2020 in regard to the payment of annualized salaries and changes in the reporting requirements it more important than ever to get payments right.
  • Outsourced HR teams assist your business to keep updated with legal policies and procedures that govern business- especially in 2020 with so many changes to the Modern Awards – we live and breath HR all day every day and make it our business to have our finger on the pulse of changes.
  • The team assists with the termination of employment contracts in a manner that adheres to workplace legislation policies while looking after the interest of both employer and employee. Take the emotions away and ensure that you have a no-bias, totally independent and impartial expert right by your side.
  • Unfair dismissal claims can be handled professionally by an outsourced HR team to ensure that the financial implications are controlled – the process can be daunting and overwhelming – have someone on your team that has been through the process and knows what to expect.
  • Outsourced HR teams are able to assist with workplace legislation obligations and keep you up to date with changes that are coming into force. The Fair Work Ombudsman is continuously looking at improvements in the way the systems work. Let us keep up to date and you can get on with working on your business
  • Outsourced HR teams assist with the hiring of the right person for the right job at the right rate with the help of preferred recruitment providers. We ensure all onboarding procedures cover you in regard to ensuring that all expectations, WHS obligations and workplace culture provisions are covered. Make a GREAT first impression on your new employees.

For any small business to grow successfully, it is important to have an HR team in place and having an outsourced HR team has endless benefits. As the owner of a small business, the main advantage of having a dedicated outsourced HR team in place is that you will be able to focus more on clients and other business operations. Whether you need to retain clients, look for new business or meet with potential clients; having a HR team in place assists you to free up more time to focus on growing your business.

For more information on small business outsourced HR team support on the Gold Coast and how this service can greatly impact your business for the better, visit our website and book your free 30-minute consultation today!