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Small Business New Starter Kit

It’s a common problem

The problem with fairness is that what might seem fair to one person might not feel fair to another.
This is especially the case in the workplace, where employers and employees commonly see things differently, especially when it comes to being held accountable for poor performance or unacceptable behaviours.
Small business employs half the workforce in Australia – and often do it without the resources of a large corporation. What these small businesses have in common is the challenge of dealing with the myriad people issues from;

 recruitment and retention;

 Performance and disciplinaries;

 health and wellbeing; and
 terminations plus much more………..

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Managing employees doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. In fact having the right system in place improves employee performance and behaviours simply, fairly and legally. Sourcing suitable staff with the right qualifications was the main problem for the 1,000 small and medium businesses when surveyed nationally in the Sensis Business Index June 2016. Recruiting and retaining staff ranked a close second. Add to that the daily challenge of administration and compliance issues, and it is little wonder that a whole host of businesses are spruiking solutions to small business owners to make employing and managing people easier.

The simple solution is to set the foundations from the outset and ensure you have all expectations set out can save you a whole heap of bother down the line. Some small businesses shoot from the hip and make rash decisions, but the team at Fresh HR Insights spend more time on preventive management, like getting your car serviced, so employee’s are behaving in a way that prevent problems happening in the first place. We are super passionate about getting this right that we have created and are GIVING you all the New Starter documents to make sure you set off on the right track when you recruit in our New Starter Kit.

What doYou get?

 New Team Member Starter pack

 Induction/ Orientation Checklist

 Taking on a New Employee Checklist

 Record keeping Checklist (Fair Work Act)

 Fair Work Statement

 Casual Employment Information Statement

 TFN Declaration

 Superannuation Standard choice form


As a one off extra special BONUS for a LIMITED time only we are also GIVING you not one but two fact sheets;

  •  When it’s time to being a New Employee on Board – what you need to know
  •  Policies and Procedures – Do I need then and if so which ones

You would be crazy not to grab these.

Fill in your email address and
they will be on their way to you to use straight away.

Simple easy, no strings attached. 

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New StarterKit

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