Sex, Alcohol, and Privacy  

Leadership in Hazardous Industries

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Sex, Alcohol and Privacy

Here’s the spiel

#003 Paulette McCormack has more than a decade of international and national employment relations’ experience across a multitude of industries and company sizes she is well equipped for any situation.

She holds a Masters in Human Resource Management, a Masters in Employment Relations, a Diploma in Business, a Diploma in Management and is now also a student completing a Bachelor of Law (with honours) with the sole intention of specialising in employment law.

Whilst that all seems impressive we can not look past the fact that she is a well respected and highly sought after lecturer and tutor at Griffith University in the Business school, specifically in the HR/ER courses.

Questions I’m often asked are – As a leader what happens when I find the love of my life in my workplace, can I ask them out? Can I drink with my team or crew? I have an employee who has some serious issues going on personally, can I tell my crew if they ask?and many others, I wanted to know the answers from an expert in the field.

Paulette and I discuss all these questions and more, listen in and go from surviving to thriving!

This information is given as general guidelines please check with your organisation’s policies, procedures, Human Resource Department or your ‘one up’ regarding your specific circumstances.