Hiring new employees can be an interesting experience for the employer as well as the employees themselves. It is important that managers take it upon themselves to make sure that their employees are successful in their careers and for that, they need to take the right steps.

The managers or other hiring authorities have great responsibilities towards the recruits they get on board. They must not just make sure they work to the best of their abilities but they must also ensure that these new employees are welcomed, empowered and included.

There are many things that contribute towards a long term success of new employees and it is crucial that the higher authorities understand the factors that contribute to that. Here are some ways bosses and managers can set up their new employees for long term success:

Top Ways To Set Up New Employees For Long Term Success

Here are some proven strategies that ensure the success of your new hires under your own supervision:

Understand Their Strengths and Weaknesses

The first and the most important thing to do is to understand where the employee is coming from. Each employee has a list of strengths and weaknesses. While weaknesses are not something favorable for the managers, it is important that they are well aware of them. If you know the strengths and weaknesses of your new recruits, you’ll know what work they will be able to do easily and for what they will struggle with.

Playing to the strengths of your employees will not only give you the best possible outcomes but will also give your employees the confidence they desperately need. If you keep on hitting the employee on their weaknesses, they may never get the confidence they need to succeed.

This is why managers should understand the strengths and weaknesses of their new hires.

Motivate Them To Learn

As a boss, it is your responsibility that you motivate your employees to expand their learning. Since you are the one who manages them and assigns them to work, you can use this as an opportunity to push your employees and force them to learn new things these can be as per the demand of the job.

Moreover, new hires typically depend on their managers to show them the right direction and this is why these recruits are more open to what their managers are teaching them.

Show your employees new things and give them the confidence that they can also learn to do it.

Include Them In Your Team

Try to include your new recruits in all sorts of different projects or teams. This will give them the opportunity to observe and learn. Even if they do not participate much in the activities from the get-go, they may learn several things from their peers. For instance, these experts can learn how to work in a team, understand the working dynamics and other crucial elements.

Most bosses believe that the new recruits should work separately but that it is not quite favorable for the new employees. Working alone will isolate them and that will stunt their growth. This is why it is best to let your new employees mingle with the old ones and work together as a team so that they can learn from the experiences of their peers.

Celebrate Small Wins

Many people like to ignore the fact that appreciation is one of the best motivators to success. When hiring new employees, one must keep in mind that they will make mistakes and won’t be able to give you mind-blowing outputs right off the bat. Having said that, even the smallest of achievements should be celebrated and appreciated by the employer. If a new employee gets appreciated for something small, they will want to see more of the appreciation and for that, they will work harder.

The cycle of appreciation will push employees to keep working harder the next time around. This will turn into a great deal of success for both the employee and the employer. Be sure to be very vocal about your appreciation and it will be even better if you do it in front of an audience. This will only increase their confidence and set them up for long term success.

Show Them The Ropes

Teaching your employees is the best thing you can do to further their careers. If you wish to have your employees not just learn but are successful more quickly then you must show them the ins and outs of the business.

Tell your employees just what they need to do and how they need to do them. If you do not show your employees, how they are supposed to do certain things, then you are putting them up for failure. play the role of an enabler and stand up to the opportunity of teaching your employees the right way to do things.

Challenge Their Strengths

Knowing their strengths and playing to them, is not it! You must push the strengths of your employees so that they can grow and succeed. Challenge the strengths of your employees so that they can push their limits and venture into things that are going to give them the levels of success they are looking for.

Give Clear Directions

When it comes to giving instructions, make sure that your instructions are as clear as possible so that your employees do not have any doubts and can work as per required. Vague or incomplete instructions can definitely set them up for failure!


Research indicates that 22% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days of employment – so why then is the value of the induction process underestimated by so many? For an employee to be engaged, they are motivated to work hard towards a common goal that is in line with the company’s vision.

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