In the modern workplace and work environment, one of the keys to getting the best out of employee is communication. To achieve success at the company level, employees of the organization must enjoy expressing something nice to one another. A company where the employees work like a well-oiled machine enjoys better productivity and ultimately, better result.

Although there seem to be a glimpse of good in everyone, the way the day goes by often make it hard for us to spot whatever good is in anyone. From the sidewalk to the bus stop, at every junction and intersection, there is hardly a day where you don’t see people yelling at each other.

Unfortunately, attitudes like these are not kept at the bus stop. They are often transferred to the workplace. As a result, employees get on each other’s nerve all day and bully each other so much that coming in for work sometimes often seem like torture: a somewhat necessary evil to achieve a paycheck at the end of the month.

This is why the national say something nice day was established as a day when we can celebrate the good in everyone and make them feel special through nice comments and actions.

So if you are feeling like making a fellow employee feel go on say something nice day, there are few things that you can do and say at work to build up your workmates:

Be intentional with your conversation

Since the idea behind say something nice day is to make every person feel loved, it would help if you could pay attention to your fellow employees throughout the day. This way, you recognize them as an individual that make up the team and not just as another member of the team. This will go a long way in enhancing their morale and make them feel valued.

Striking up an intentional conversation with an employee on June 1st will provide an avenue to discuss matters that do not relate to work issues. Such matters may cut across personal, social, and cultural issues.

Instead of acting as though all is perfect with you, say something nice day is an opportunity to get out of your high tower and connect with fellow employees by giving them a glimpse of your imperfection and vulnerability. Who knows, they might get over their challenges because of this.

How to make a conversation intentional?

  • Give good and genuine compliments. Do your best not to flatter an employee and be specific about your compliments.
  • Do more of listening than speaking during any conversation.
  • Smile throughout conversations and during every contact with employees.
  • Never forget to say thank you.

Share gifts in love

The best way to spread workplace gratitude is by giving gifts to fellow employees. Whether big or small, what really counts is the heart behind every gift. The most recommended type of gift for June 1st is a physical gift. A physical gift allows you to watch fellow employees unwrap their gifts and share another moment of pure bliss.

Tips to making your gifts count

  • Give a gift that is personal to an employee as this depicts the originality of your gift.
  • Give a gift that a fellow employee can use and not abandon on the desk.

Say something nice day is all about workplace gratitude, however, it should not be limited to a single day out of 365 days. As often as you can, say and do things that will make other employees feel nice and make the work environment conducive for everyone.

Happy June 1st to everyone.


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