Risk Management – the importance of training about workplace issues such as Diversity, Bullying and Sexual Harassment

Risk management or risk assessment has always been in vogue in the business world but recently it has seen a major shift in its meanings and multitude in workplace’s on the Gold Coast. New dimensions have been added to risk assessment and management in training employees. Diversity, bullying and sexual harassment have been relatively new additions to the risk management but vital additions.

Part of these new risk management dimensions are rooted in the plurality of the workforce, expansion of the businesses overseas, globalization of the corporate giants and fair work compliance. Modern workplaces are fast evolving to cater for the integration of multi racial workforce, genders and languages. A modern entrepreneur may have to deal with a workforce that has varied cultural needs, diverse racial requirements and conflicting gender biases. All these dimensions have a serious potential of conflict within a workplace and may practically be responsible for the development of bullying culture within a workplace, if left unchecked or tolerated.

The content of this article deals with the importance of training to handle and deal with the workplace issues like diversity, bullying, sexual harassment and mitigation of risk.

The genesis of Risk management training of employees about workplace issues such as diversity, bullying and sexual harassment

  • No two workplaces can be exactly same as far as the risk management is concerned. As an employer, the first step to training employees in risk management is to identify the likely trouble spots and friction points that have the potential to cause trouble in near or long term. Near and imminent risks need to be addressed at priority.
  • Explaining the rules, laws and regulations to all the employees pertaining to diversity, bullying and sexual harassment is the first and most crucial step in risk management. Business penalties to violations and their strict application would help in fending off most violators. All employees must be made to understand the zero tolerance policy of the workplace in connection to these issues.
  • Displaying of workplace policies in a positive and prominent manner at visible places like billboards, café and refreshment places may serve as a constant reminder to abstain from such unwanted workplace behaviors and address fair work issues.
  • Train your employees in open communication to tackle these issues as soon as they occur rather than tolerating it for long before coming up with a complaint. Such scenarios can become scandalous and bring bad name to your business or workplace (litigation in worst case scenarios).
  • Training new employees on risk management and help them merge with the existing workforce in a positive manner. Make a clear mention of the company policies on these issues and the penalties imposed in case of misconduct. The training may as well refer to the system of rewards that come with the compliance to encourage positive behaviors.
  • It is perfectly sensible to hire professional trainers and video tutorials to explain diversity, sexual harassment and bullying. Such material may be made available on company portal for the employees to refer to at ease.

Employers need to be aware that they have an obligation under the workplace Health and Safety Act to protect their employees. If you need more advice or have concerns you should contact an expert such as Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd. Phone us on 1300 332 322