5 ideas to Reward and recognise your employees

1. Flex those hours

2. Send a handwritten note

3. Make work fun

4. Help them connect

5. Reward effort as well as success

Reward and Recognise your employees

1. Flex those hours. If there’s one free reward that rises above the rest, it’s flexible work schedules.
Give a little latitude in determining work schedules and to take time for family or personal issues (such as doctor’s appointment and banking errands) – As long as the employee is deserving and doesn’t abuse the privilege, this can go a long way to building trusting and mature relationships with key workers.‚ π

2. Send a handwritten note. Write a personal note to employees who deserve recognition. Write it on a $5 note for extra impact.

3. Make work fun. Created a weekly event to boost morale. i.e. asked everyone to bring in a baby picture, post it on a wall, then pick which person matched each picture. Everyone will have fun and socialise at the same time.

4. Help them connect. Introducing employees to key suppliers, customers or someone in senior management can help make an employee’s career ‚ Æ and it won’t cost you a thing.

5. Reward effort as well as success. Even if their ideas sometimes fail, you want employees to keep producing them. Create an annual award for ‘the best idea that didn’t work’, stimulating innovation and positive behavior, not ‘winning.’‚ π