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The ER way – How Fresh HR Insights adds value

Times can be hard for small business owners.  Even when the economic waters are relatively smooth, if you spend your business life running from side to side of the ship, you can find yourself sinking if you don’t have the correct strategy and economic model to keep your ship in the narrow straits of success. In today’s climate, when the only certainty is that there is no certainty, the financial currents are turbulent with an ebb and flow strong enough to sink a tanker.   Let us hope your business is not in need of a lifeboat.  If it is, or if it is experiencing some difficulties which you feel will not go away, then Fresh HR Insights can help.

Here in Queensland our economy was one of the most successful in Australia in the mid-90s and early 2000s.  A downturn, along with everyone else in the world (nearly) after 2009 meant not business failure as such, rather more that there has been sluggish growth. So there is, still, in our view, every incentive to start and to continue running your own business.

The Australian government has facilitated a lot of support for small businesses in Queensland and the Queensland government launch of the Office of Small Business in 2016 has certainly shown that intention to be purposeful.  However, maintaining your small company over time is another matter, and this is where Fresh HR Insights can advise small business owners on whether its employment relations model and business policies and procedures can face the future with a level of security. 

Many small businesses fail, not through lack of vision or enthusiasm, nor through lack of dedication from the owner, but because she or he did not pay enough intention to a number of things necessary at the outset of the business. She or he did not place enough importance on the planning required to sustain the business and its ongoing costs of operation over time, nor additionally on the provision and support of the essential motivated staff team needed to run the business and adjust its plans along the way. 

Fresh HR Insights has found that when there is any particular difficulty, such as a drop in market interest or a sudden change in legislation that impacts the costs of a business, then the weakness of initial strategy may sink a small business, but if these problems are compounded by a lack of robust HR operations it will undoubtedly go down.

Poor employer-employee relations can cost dearly, and poor quality staff without the right skills or knowledge in their roles can also cut a company’s survival chances down vastly.  Lack of trust internal to the business will mean the essence of team is lost.  Fresh HR Insights can help in the leadership and management dynamic, and the employer-employee relationship. We can help you build a business idea into a reasonable going concern where everyone on board your ship will have an stake and an interest in making sure your company keeps going.

Contact Fresh HR Insights for advice if you are small business owner, we will be delighted to help.

Want to go it alone then we have the solution for you. 

Small Business HR Rescue Kit

Hiring a Human Resources or Industrial relations Consultant can sometimes be the thing that separates a startup from a more stable business. HR/ IR professionals help take over several aspects of the business that can be crucial to maintaining company culture – hiring processes, legal compliance, payroll and employee relations. BUT not all business owners will feel the need to hire a human resources professional and that is why we have created the Small Business HR Rescue Kit.

This is a comprehensive eBook with policies and templates that you can use in your business. Grab your copy TODAY


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