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Join us in helping small businesses with HR

Fresh HR Insights Referral Partner Program

Fresh HR Insights have made it our mission to protect business owners and empower then to take control of their Human Resources. 

Our HR consulting firm is working with small to medium businesses in setting solid foundations,  ensuring that when faced with difficult employees or facing a claim of unfair dismissal, bullying, harassment, or working to build a solid workplace culture they have the support with them.

As one of the leading HR Consultancies on the Gold Coast and South East Queensland, we invite you to be part of our exciting journey of growth by joining our Referral Partner Program.

You don’t need to be an HR expert, but you do need to have a desire to support business owners in their employee matters.


Here’s how to get started:

Monetise your desire to
help small businesses

Help your customers/clients, provide an additional service offering and receive a referral bonus of 10%!

Apply for the program by downloading our Referral Partner Application Form

Complete and sign the agreement and return via email for review. You will be advised of acceptance into the program thereafter.

Recommend Fresh HR Insights to businesses that you deem would benefit from an expert provider when it comes to the employee-employer relationship

Ensure your referral links to you by providing your Referral partner Number (RPN)

Successful Fresh HR Insights clients resulting from your referral will earn a referral fee – it’s that simple!

Fresh HR Insights Referral Program

You will be appointed a Referral partner Number (RPN) upon joining the Fresh HR Insights Referral program.

Upon completing a successful sale from a referred lead, you will earn 10% of the revenue set out in the service agreement – (normally 10% of the first invoice value). Your earnings potential increases the more you get out and let people know about Fresh HR Insights and how they can support businesses across the Gold Coast and South East Queensland.

With the referral fee, you can also choose to:

  • Receive a payment of 10% of the referral percentage to spend as you like on your business (how cool is that!).
  • Pass a 10% discount to the business referred (they will love you)
  • Pass 10% to a charity of your choice

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Who is this program suitable for?

This program provides accountants, Bookkeepers, financial advisors, business advisors, and other small business owners who are supporting businesses with an opportunity to complement their own business with an additional revenue stream, with little to no effort. Apart from passing over the lead to us (subject to Terms and Conditions), there is nothing more to do – you do not have to invest any time or energy into negotiating or closing the sale, as we take care of the rest.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Please refer to the Fresh HR Insights Referral Program Agreement for full details. In short:

  • Any leads you present to us must be exclusive – i.e. Fresh HR Insights is not already engaged with the lead; nor have you provided the same lead to a competing vendor.
  • The prospect is not a Known Prospect meaning that they are not already a current customer of Fresh HR Insights; nor are they currently or have previously been in discussions or negotiations with Fresh HR Insights in the proceeding 24 months
How much can I earn per successful lead?

Earn 10% of the Net Revenue actually received by Fresh HR Insights as set out in the referral program agreement. In short payments are

  • one month after the contract start date but only if the contract has not been cancelled by either party and all payments are up to date. Where payments are scheduled over a number of weeks payment will be made one month after the last payment has been made


How do we notify a referral?

When you have been accepted into our referral programme you will be given a Referral partner Number (RPN). Provided the referral is not a Known Prospect, it will become a Qualifying Referral meaning that you will be entitled to a referral fee on the condition that a successful sale is concluded as set out in our referral program agreement.

How do we get started?

Just click on the Download referral Partner Application form below so that we can qualify your application. Email this to Please allow up to 48 hours (2 business days) to be assessed before receiving a response on whether you have been accepted into your referral program. Once you have been accepted you will be notified by email and allocated a Referral partner Number (RPN) and given access to all our referral partner tools and resources.

Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd referral Partner Application form



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