Mobile Technology in Recruitment

How can you keep up to date

Finding star employees through recruitment is a challenge on the Gold Coast and one of the most desired business objectives of any Gold Coast employer. The process of recruitment has evolved from an art  to a science over time. What was once considered a domain of super smart hiring teams with years of hiring experience is now an open playing field for all seeking employers (thanks in art to advancement in technology).

Recent advancements in social media connectivity and internet linking has bridged the gap between talented job seekers and seeking employees. Mobile technology is another frontier in the recruitment that has opened a huge range of possibilities for employers and employees alike. The trend is so firmly established that now there would be no hiring manager not familiar with terms like “recruitment technology, SEEK, Google, and Gumtree”. In fact, it would not be incorrect to say that the future connects smartphones and recruitment strongly.

Going by the recruitment industry statistics, about 70% of professionals log into mobile devices for their job search, over 81% of employees regularly use mobile phones for workplace connectivity and 23% of the key logs on jobs are reported from mobile devices.

If you happen to be an employer on the Gold Coast and working on the principles of recruitment and fair work, then this article is designed to  help you in using mobile technology in when recruiting on  Gold Coast, surrounding areas and in fact Australia wide.

Here is how you can use mobile technology in recruitment:

  1. The first and the most important step is to create an attractive and enticing interface for your hiring webpage. Honesty, appeal and ease in navigation are the leading principles that must reflect on your company culture.
  2. Remember! Potential applicants are usually deterred by difficult application processes. Make it simple and easy to file in. You will have increased applicant filings.
  3. Tap into the social media recruitment pool. There is no denying the fact that social media like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and a host of other social media applications are offering endless possibilities for recruiters and recruited alike. All these mobile forums are fast emerging as an ideal meeting and hiring place for hired and the hirer.
  4. “Gamify” and “Videofy” your mobile recruitment forum to add an extra appeal for aspiring applicants. A video showcasing a present employee narrating appealing features about your business can go a long way in attracting new talent to your recruitment drive.
  5. Do remember that no electronic or mobile tool can take the place of human interaction. While you tap the extreme potential of mobile recruiting, keep it to identifying and short listing talent. As soon as you shortlist the potential candidates, it is time to get on with face to face or direct interaction with shortlisted candidates. Do not over-exploit the potential of mobile devices.
  6. Optimize your recruitment website for Android applications. There are many smart and talented workers out there who may be eager to get hired, but do not find time to use internet on laptop or