Recruitment and Selection – our top 8 tips for success

Recruitment in Gold Coast is a matter of great discretion and caution like anywhere else in the world. Being a recruiter or a small business owner, you need to make your selection smartly to ensure that your business gets the best talent available in the market since the quality of your employees is ultimately translated into revenue increase and growth of your business.

Recruitment and selection process of your future employees can be tricky, and you may have to make some tough recruitment decisions (especially once you have limited vacancies on offer and you get a chance to hire from a good pool of perspective applicants). In any case, you ought to have a clearly defined recruitment and selection policy in place to hire the best your money can hire.

Here are 8 top tips for success in recruitment and selection process:

  1. Recruit and select with a vision. It is obvious that you would hire to fill in your presently vacant slots. However, an employee is a future asset, and this aspect must never be overlooked. The job demands that you foresee today are sure to expand your business in future, and your recruitment and selection must cater for the envisioned future expansion. The criteria for your recruitment and selection must include futuristic vision.
  2. Evaluate the job before you evaluate the applicants. You must be amply clear as the recruiter about the job requirements before you go out hiring people. Analyse the position requirements to find the best fit among the applicants.
  3. Know the legalities of recruitment and hiring. All countries have regulations and laws in place related to recruitment and hiring. Please ensure that you are clear on these before you recruit. You may be on a collision course with some legal recruitment requirements.
  4. Define and Follow your recruitment policies. Screen the candidates as per set criteria rather than being whimsical. This would help you in setting recruitment standards for your business.
  5. Focus and take time in making you recruitment decision. Recruitment must be taken as a deliberate and institutionalised approach where the decision must be based on hiring the best talent. Never be in a hurry in making a recruitment decision.
  6. Don’t bank on the interview alone. Interviewing might be the most controversial means to assess the recruitment applicants (if used as the only mean to assess the potential applicants. Every study on the recruitment process indicates that interviewers are usually biased and favour applicants that they find suitable basing on their personal likings. Personal likings and disliking may not be absolutely in favour of profitable recruitment and selection process. Use background checks, documentary evidence and CV analysis (apart from the interview) to analyse the applicants.
  7. List down the most desirable traits in your job applicant. Basing on your position analysis, list down the most desirable traits in potential candidates and pitch shortlisted candidates against the criteria to find the best fit.
  8. Don’t forget the power of referrals and social media. Referrals and social media platforms like LinkedIn are a great employee pool with a huge recruitment and selection potential. Browse internet to find a few candidates that may not be visible otherwise.