Recruitment costs

An Employee on $35,000 costs you over $17,750 (50% of their salary) if they leave within the first 12 months

Recruitment Costs – How is this made up??
  • Direct Recruitment costs amount to $8250 (advertising, average consultant fee of 15%, selection process, formal training/induction)
  • Indirect Recruitment costs come to $5900. (interviewing time, informal training by managers and peers, productivity until new employee reaches normal performance level after about 20 days).
  • If the employee leaves within the first 12 months, extra Recruitment costs amount to $3600 (payout based on four weeks’ pay, performance management activities, such as meetings).

Consider this also ‚ ¨ to recruit would take you on average 42 hours by the time you;

  • prepare the position description,
  • advertise the role,
  • sort through all the applications,
  • complete telephone interviews,
  • arrange and complete first interviews (with on average 8 people),
  • notify the unsuccessful candidate’s,
  • arrange final interviews,
  • test the candidates (role dependant),
  • hold the interviews and then reference checking.

On top of that is the employment Contract and all the new starter processes – Failure to get this right can amount to a BIG headache.

  • Do you really have the time and not to mention the money if you don’t get it right?

  • Do you really want to have an HR Headache if you miss an important step??

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Recruitment Costs

Check out the super recommendation video from VFM who we helped recruit Jacinta. The recommendation is done from both the side of the employer as well as the employee who was recruited.

REMEMBER All employers in the national workplace relations system have to give every new employee a copy of the before or as soon as possible after they start their job. Getting the statement is one of 10 minimum entitlements in the National Employment Standards. Click here for your copy