Public Holiday Rate ‚ ¨ Don’t let them kill off your family time

I worked with a client who runs a business operating 7 days per week 52 weeks per year. One thing that my client was keen to do is have Public Holidays off and rightly so.

They didn’t think that it would be feasible. When I looked at the rates of double and a half then you could see why HOWEVER ‚ ¨ like everything there is always a way to look at it in a different way.

(I am no maths expert so bear with me)

Based on 4 public holidays a year working 19 hours a day and with an average hourly rate of $45.00 inc penalty rates let’s look at the solution

4 x 19hours ‚ ¨ 76 hours per annum

76 hours x $45.00 per hour = $3,420.00 additional payroll per annum

Divide this into the 52 weeks of the year and its $65.72.

For $65.72 per week you get to have the 4 public holidays off and have family time which is vital for everyone.

Increase the amount to say $100 per week, deposit it in an interest earning account (they still do exist) and you have the means to have the all-important time off.

At Fresh HR Insights we are looking at HR in a Different light to give you your time back when perhaps you didn’t think it was possible.

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