Productivity - highly productive workplace linked with positivity

Strategies for building and maintaining a positively geared workplace for high levels of productivity

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Highly successful businesses are the result of a highly productive workplace and productivity is intimately linked with positivity

All businesses thrive on the productivity of it’s positively geared workforce. Highly successful businesses are the result of a highly productive workplace and productivity is intimately linked with positivity. Promoting positivity would mean multiplying productivity. This is what all management aim for, a positively geared highly productive workforce.

Positivity and resultant productivity is not generated merely by an accident. It is the fruit some relentless efforts, immaculate planning and flawless implementation of an employer of choice.

If your workplace falls short on positivity mark and you need to work on making your workplace a positively geared one, then here are a few strategies which work well:

Getting rid of all that can harm positivity

Top most task of a serious manger must be to identify motivation killers in the workplace. A good manager will carefully observe the work environment to look problem areas that adversely affect employee positivity. Typical positivity killers include poor communication systems, toxic people, absence of opportunities for professional development, lack of organizational vision and autocratic management styles. Remove these positivity killers and make your workplace productive.

Generate positivity via gamification

One proven effective way of generating positivity among employees is through the use of gamification techniques. You can gamify tasks like projecting ideas and report completion as well as policy changes to add an excitement, appeal and positivity to them. You can use rewards, badges, rankings, points etc to gamify.

Setting up a feedback mechanism with clarity

Setting up standards of achievement for employees is a hugely positive mark if they know what they are expected to achieve. Clear goals or company vision provides guidance for everyone. Both Short-term and long term goals are effective in encouraging employees to properly manage their performance to meet targets. Feedback chain shows that employees are being supervised and appreciated. Accomplishments must be acknowledged, while errors or failures must be addressed. All this is a sure recipe to positivity.

Create standards and develop skills

Creating standards is vital for the employees to know what is expected from them. They must know what they must be doing as well as their assigned jobs. Without clear expectations, people find excuses when they don’t achieve targets.

Moreover, address the intellectual needs of employees through personal and professional development opportunities. Encourage employees to accept challenges and avoid inactivity. Helping them improve upon personal and professional stuff generates enormous amount of positivity and in turn productivity.

Effective and Efficient communication

Communication is a crucial aspect of any business operations. With an effective system of communication in place, you will never have difficulty in achieving goals. Please remember that communication is not just the simple use of devices. It is more about designing and deploying communication systems that are compatible with the needs of your business or company. Efficient and effective communication means that employees must know the hierarchy and his or her function within the overall ambit of the company. They must know whom to reach regarding their concerns. Positive systems generate positivity and productivity.