Productivity in the Workplace

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Productivity in the workplace

Business productivity is a detrimental factor to any organisations success or failure. Productivity allows a business to utilize available resources to allow for the production of profitable goods or services desired by customers or clients.
The productivity of a business is a key indicator of the performance and progress within any organisation.

Benefits of high productivity within the workforce:

  • Overall efficiency of an organisation ‚ ¨ when efficiency increases within the workplace so does the capacity of production through the ability to utilize company resource in an effective and efficient manner to achieve optimum level results.
  • Lowers the cost per unit of a product ‚ ¨ higher levels of productivity allows units of products or services to be completed in a shorter time frame thus lowering the cost. This cost reduction will have a flow on effect throughout the company enhancing the businesses competitiveness within its particular market, along with enhancing the potential to gain new and improve existing clientele relationships.

Effects of low productivity levels within the workforce:

  • Suffocating of benchmarks and standards ‚ ¨ low benchmarks and performance standards are highly common in companies that are experiencing low productivity levels. Employees already struggling with motivation levels will often fall under the pressure of challenging benchmarks. This performance loss will have a knock on effect throughout the whole company placing more work on those employees that do reach their targets, this may potentially leave these employees feeling overwhelmed and so the process continues.
  • Work avoidance and turnover ‚ ¨ Low levels of productivity will lead to lack of motivation within employees leading to a perception of little value for their roles within the workforce. This perception will increase the chance of a worker calling in sick in order to skip the day at work. The result of a long period of multiple sick employees will continue to roll through the company for example increasing workloads for other employees.


Ways to improve productivity within the workforce:

  • Build leadership and management ‚ ¨ In order to promote productiveness within the workforce management must encourage effective leadership by implementing a clear vision for the business in order to allow employees to feel as they are contributing.
  • Create a productive workplace culture ‚ ¨ Creating an environment where there is a positive relationship between staff, team members and mangers in order to assist in organisation and encouragement.
  • Encourage innovation ‚ ¨ Innovation increase workplace productivity by pushing employees to broaden their knowledge and think outside the box.
  • Network ‚ ¨ Networking is highly important for exchanging ideas and information among other employees within the same industry; this enhances innovation and can reduce costs.

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