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Small Business HR Support – The Basics you need to know


The legal aspects of HR are complicated and yes, they can be more than daunting – especially when you first encounter them. Laws affect virtually everything you do; hiring, determining compensation, choosing how to evaluate employee performance plus many more tasks. All these carry significant legal implications. Failing to fully understand the law can prove costly. You are not alone if you find it intimidating. However, with ample preparation and frequent consultation with a Human Resource Expert, you should do just fine.



One of the most important resources of a business is its people. People are the talent, skills, and creativity and exert the effort and leadership that contribute to the performance of your Business.

Studies show Companies with happy workers have ….

` 51% lower turnover (Gallup)
` 43% more productivity (HayGroup)
` 125% less burnout (HBR)
` 33% higher profitability (Gallup)
` 19% less sick leave (Opener)

A happy workplace where people feel valued can increase productivity and reduce the number of human resources dedicated to resolving workplace grievances. Let’s face it most small business owners, find nothing can be more headache-inducing than human resources issues. However, a lot of personnel issues can be avoided if time is invested upfront establishing policies and practices that will prevent claims from arising and ensuring that expectations are clearly set out.


  1. Employer/ Employee expectations
  2. Companies with happy employees have
  3. The ideal workplace has
  4. Employment relationships and classifications

and much much more


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