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Redundancy – How to effectively Implement Redundancies without the Legal Risk


Beware – Failure to follow a consultation process places you at significant risk of being in breach of a Modern Award and a redundancy being potentially deemed to not be a genuine redundancy.

NOTE: a consultation is not a lip service or providing advice and a tick of a box in a process – it is an opportunity to provide the impacted employees with a real opportunity to influence the decision-maker. It is not enough to merely discuss the implementation of the decision and the consequences. You MUST give the employee an opportunity to change your mind and consider matters raised including ways to avoid redundancy.

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Nobody likes having to make another person redundant. The decision in the first place can be emotionally challenging for business owners and managers and the conversations even harder. To avoid claims of unfair dismissal and redundancies that are deemed to not be genuine we need to ensure that it is approached strategically and logically with a stepped-out structure.

In short – to ensure redundancy is genuine and to have a well-managed process you should;

  • Genuinely seek the input of the affect employees about the proposed redundancies
  • When considering redundancies try to link with other more positive organization changes to avoid redundancy survivor syndrome
  • Provide support to those under threat of redundancies and those within the wider business


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