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Talent Management Recruitment and Selection


Maintaining a low turnover within an organization is initially the responsibility of those that are doing the recruitment and selection for you. Their main role is to identify candidates who appear more likely to perform well and remain, stable employees.

True Story – I once met a business owner who as part of the recruitment process used to take all the application letters and throw then out the window – whichever ones landed the right way up – they would be the ones he interviewed and more often than not the ones that were employed. It was a continuous process as more often than not it did not yield the right candidates for the business.



Talent Management Recruitment and Selection

Recruiting and selecting the most appropriate person for the job is a complex task that requires trained staff who are aware of anti-discrimination laws and guidelines. Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd has developed comprehensive guidelines that will help you to implement a consistent method of recruitment and encourage applications from the widest possible pool. Our comprehensive Recruitment and Selection manual contain some best practice guidelines for developing selection criteria, advertising, shortlisting, application forms, testing, interviewing, referee reports, and making the decision when recruiting and selecting the most appropriate person for the job. EVERYTHING YOU NEED.


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