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People have less and less face-to-face time together these days. Performance reviews offer a way to protect and manage these valuable face-to-face opportunities. We advise to hold on to and nurture these situations, and if you are under pressure to replace performance reviews with some sort of (apparently) more efficient and cost effective methods, be very sure that you can safely cover all the aspects of performance and attitudinal development that a well-run performance review system is naturally designed to achieve.

Managers and reviewers commonly dislike reviews and try to avoid them. To these people the review is daunting and time-consuming. The process is seen as a difficult administrative chore and emotionally challenging. The annual review is maybe the only time since last year that the two people have sat down together for a meaningful one-to-one discussion. No wonder then that reviews are stressful – which then defeats the whole purpose.

Our Performance Review eBook has been developed to give you a solid framework in making this whole process streamlined,rewarding and highly effective

Please Note: The information in Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd Performance Review eBook is not a replacement for Professional advice from an experience Human Resource Consultant or Workplace Lawyer. If you have a complex situation, please seek further guidance. Call us on 1300 332 322


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