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Performance Management, Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) and Performance Reviews


Performance management involves:

  • identifying performance standards
  • offering feedback and reviews to employees about their performance
  • counseling employees where their performance or conduct is poor
  • disciplining employees where there is continued poor performance or conduct, or where such performance or conduct is unacceptable.

Most employees work hard, and their performance successfully meets, sometimes exceeds, expectations. At times, however, managers are faced with employees whose performance is marginal or inadequate.

Our manual helps guide you in this process



Performance management is the process of evaluating and managing the performance of an employee to ensure that it is consistent with the company’s objectives and with the specific goals and standards of that employee. The purpose of the performance management process is to improve the delivery of programs by optimising performance at all levels, which is achieved by:

  • promoting a culture of high performance, personal development, and continuous learning
  • empowering managers and holding them responsible and accountable for managing their team
  • encouraging a high level of team participation in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of work
  • recognising successful performance and addressing underperformance in a fair and equitable manner.

Performance management is designed to promote communication between team and supervisors on the goals and key results to be achieved, and the success criteria by which individual performance is assessed. It also promotes continuous learning, recognises successful performance, and address performance shortcomings.


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