Induction - WOW Your New Team Member with HOT tips + Bonus Material

Induction, Orientation and Onboarding of New Employees


Research indicates that 22% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days of employment – so why then is the value of the induction process underestimated by so many? For an employee to be engaged, they are motivated to work hard towards a common goal that is in line with the company’s vision.



Companies are more than ever realising the importance of attracting and retaining top team members, but even though they are placing effort in the HOW to get people into the company and focusing on retaining them, many are overlooking the opportunity in the Induction, Orientation, and Onboarding process to boost productivity from the outset and drive business growth as a by-product.

Unfortunately, the fact that your best candidate has accepted your offer is no longer a guarantee that they will actually show up on their first day.

The war for talent is raging and there is no place for employers to be complacent.

And since all is fair in love and war, your newly signed employee:

  • Could still be interviewing and receive a better offer.
  • May receive a better offer from another company with whom they interviewed before, but who has a slower recruiting process.
  • May receive a counteroffer from their current employer.
  • You do not want to lose your best candidates in the last second, right?

This is why your onboarding process should start at the moment your candidate accepts your offer. A great onboarding process will help you keep your new employees engaged and excited until their start date at your company.


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