Graphic Arts Printing and Publishing Award 2020 MA000026



Who is covered by the Graphic Arts, Printing and Publishing Award.    

The Graphic Arts Award covers employers and employees in the graphic arts, printing, publishing and associated industries and occupations.

Examples of employees and employers covered by the Graphic Arts Award include:

  • printer
  • art and/or designing (including commercial art) employee
  • screen printer
  • machinist
  • keyboard operator/assembler
  • graphic pre-press tradesperson
  • packer and/or despatcher
  • printing machinist
  • binder and finisher
  • maintenance employee
  • stamping employee
  • embosser
  • graphic pre-press employee.

The Graphic Arts Award also covers:

  • labour hire businesses and their employees who are placed with an organisation within the industry
  • on-hire employees who fit in the classifications, if their employer isn’t covered by another award that is more appropriate.


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