Energising workplace's in 2018 - Starting afresh in your Workplace for 2018

50 ways to energize workplace


“People today are looking for much more than pay. They want to be treated like human beings. That may sound obvious, but a lot of employers still do not get it” – Mitchell Thall, President, Epicure.

We have come up with 50 creative ways to energize workplaces, each of which have been derived through research, surveys, experiences and analysis and have been divided in to five different categories:

  • Having fun individually– because no one can make work fun for you better than your own self!
  • Establish a Fun Committee – because no single activity is necessarily fun for all departments.
  • Focusing on both, Indoor and Outdoor activities – because, both, mental and physical exertion is important to make tiresome office routine fun for employees.
  • Team-based fun activities – because it’s highly important that the employees engage amongst themselves to create a healthy workplace environment.
  • An easy-going leadership – because no one feels comfortable while working in a “Yes Sir” office environment.


50 ways to energize the workplace.

 5 areas of your business that you can change to impact overall productivity and employee engagement

A workplace is like a second home for many. Employees spend an average of 2000 hours per year at their workplaces, which accounts for a major chunk of one’s entire life. Of course, the number of hours fluctuates depending upon a variety of factors such as the type of job, position, age, to name a few. A major reason why many small companies never make it to the top level is because they lack the required creativity element in their daily routine activities, hence lowering employee retention and productivity. In our 50 ways we give great ideas and insights into how to energise your workplace.


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