Disciplinary Fact Sheet - Free Fact Sheet on the Disciplinary process

Disciplinary Fact Sheet


Step by step base guide to disciplinary


Disciplinary action may be in response to misconduct. Generally, misconduct involves something more than mere negligence, error of judgment or an innocent mistake. Both in law and in ordinary speech the term usually implies an act done willfully with a wrong intention.

Misconduct is to be determined from the nature of the conduct and not from its consequences.

Common examples of misconduct are:

  • consistent lateness;
  • absenteeism
  • performance
  • refusing reasonable requests
  • training Ignored
  • unsafe act by employee
  • racist slur
  • social media use
  • false information given on previous employment
  • company policy breach
  • abuse of employees’ position
  • making abusive comments to work colleagues
  • using offensive language in the workplace
  • being intoxicated at work
  • conduct outside of work hours
  • dishonest Behaviour
  • gossip
  • stealing company money;
  • sexually harassing a co-worker; or
  • accessing, storing or distributing pornographic material at work

Serious misconduct may warrant SUMMARY DISMISSAL. Summary dismissal is instant or “on the spot”.


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