Commercial Sales Award 2020 – MA000083


Fair Work are in the process of updating all modern awards to make them simpler and easier to understand.  This award, now known as Commercial Sales Award 2020 and was updated in 2020.


The Commercial Sales Award covers Commercial Travellers, Merchandisers and Advertising Sales Representatives and their employers.

Commercial Travellers, Merchandisers and Advertising Sales Representatives are all people who work away (or substantially away) from the employer’s business office or location (eg. on the road).

  1. A Commercial Traveller is someone who:
    • sells or solicits orders for articles, goods, wares, merchandise or material that is sold wholesale or resale, or will be used by the customer for producing, preparing or distributing what they will sell.

Commercial Travellers must be selling goods for wholesale sale (ie. not for retail).

  1. An Advertising Sales Representative is someone who:
    • solicits orders, obtains sales leads or appointments, or promotes sales in other ways for advertising space or time of any kind.
  1. A Merchandiser is someone who:
    • promotes the employer’s products,
    • re-orders stock
    • prepares display units and gondola ends.

They may also solicit orders for these products but only as a minor part of their work.

The Commercial Sales Award also covers labour hire businesses and their employees who work as Commercial Travellers, Advertising Sales Representatives and Merchandisers, if they are placed with an employer and the employer isn’t covered by an award that has a classification for them.



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