Potential Employees – What are you looking for



I got asked the other day what are you looking for in a Potential Employee? This is my list – would you agree??? – email me with your thoughts on paulette@freshhrinsights.com.au

Aptitude – If you are trying to turn an industry upside down or create a new industry you would be looking for lots of aptitude or skills rather than those with experience. Experience can also mean baggage from past employers ‚ ¨ raw talent brings new creativity.

Attitude ‚ ¨ Some people look at problem as proof that they’re victims while others consider problems to be challenges.

Intelligence ‚ ¨ not IQ but a person ability to come up with creative solutions

Intensity ‚ ¨ People with the Zen principle of Be here now‚ π ‚ ¨ in other words work when you are at work ‚ ¨ compete to be the very best and be impatient to reach your goals Integrity ‚ ¨ the ability to do what they say they will do ‚ ¨ show up for meetings and have the guts to deliver bad news rather than shade it or hide it.