Policies and Procedures for Workplaces

Do I need them, and if so which ones?

Discover the answers to the below in our easy to follow “fact sheet”

  • Why do you need to have Policies and Procedures
  • Communicating Polices
  • What are the benefits to my business
  • What is included in an employee handbook policy
  • What are the essentials (Must-Have) Policies that a company needs
  • How to Implement workplace policies effectively

Workplace Policy – is a set of rules and principles that aims to guide employees’ behaviour in the workplace.

Workplace Procedure – give a policy its effect by stipulating such things as:

  • the person or people responsible for the policy;
  • how to raise allegations of any policy breach; and
  • how those allegations will be dealt with.


Warning! This is NOT a traditional fact sheet.

I wrote it to teach you how to track and improve your Employee Compliance and knowledge in the shortest possible time.
It contains tips and step-by step instructions PLUS a bonus checklist.

Here’s what people are saying…


Our company employee’s 10+ staff and we had been in desperate need of help in regard’s to all of our employment records, procedures & WHS policies. Paulette & her team were able to get into action quickly. The immediate peace of mind knowing that we had up to date & relevant employment contracts & policies took a lot of stress off me. I could sleep soundly at night again.

The most important part for me is the ability to contact the companies that you sub contract work out to. Paulette is always available to help out & if you leave a message it is replied to in a timely fashion. You know that you get the same person and not a call centre or someone who knows nothing about you, meaning you need to go through the whole situation time and time again – and you find that you get different answers to the same issue.

I would recommend Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd’s services to any size business in any field as their services can be customised to your business need. Fresh HR Insights do not produce generic downloadable policies/procedures like some other companies are offering. They take the time to know your business, understand your needs and become part of the team. Everything is customised to our business to what we need. If you don’t need it they won’t try and sell it to you. For me that’s a HUGE point of difference.


Excellent service thank you. Paulette is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and very easy to work with. Made the whole process so efficient, understandable and affordable. I would recommend Paulette very highly to all businesses looking to solve any HR requirements. Thank you.

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I know what you’re thinking:

  • Employee handbooks are for the BIG corporate world!
  • They’re stuffy, full of legal jargon and technical terms, and they don’t really fit with my company.
  • I don’t want my employees to feel like they’re being suffocated with policies and rules.
  • Do I really need employee handbook with such a small team? It seems kind of silly!

I’ve also heard you say things like:

  • I want to create a good company culture!
  • I want to encourage team and personal development.
  • I don’t know how to hold my employees accountable.
  • I thought I made (insert policy/guideline) super clear when I hired them! Why is this an issue?
  • I have no clue how to handle (insert employee issue, such as attendance, behavioural problems, etc.) I have going on right now!

You can potentially limit or totally avoid many of these issues through the use of an employee handbook. And when something does come up, you’ll be prepared to handle it confidently and consistently.

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