Policies and Procedures for the Trades

HR Policies and Procedures for Tradies

We have created a set of policies and procedures that are designed for the trades – this includes PPE and vehicle use policies as well as our comprehensive Fitness for Work and Risk Management of Drugs and Alcohol.

We have simplified policies where possible so that these can be easily incorporated into those in the trades. This includes builders, painting, tilers, bricklayers as examples – If you have a business in the trades then this is a great start when it comes to your policies and procedures.


  • Fitness for Work and Risk Management of Drugs and Alcohol
  • Attendance and Absenteeism Policy
  • Company Property
  • Company Vehicle Policy
  • Domestic and Family Violence
  • Incident Report and Investigation Procedure
  • Injury and Illness Report
  • Injury and Incident Investigation report
  • Job Safety and Environment Analysis
  • Leave Policy (Paid and Unpaid)
  • Performance and Misconduct
  • Personal Grievance Policy
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing Policy
  • Anti-Discrimination, EEO and Bullying Policy
  • Code-of-Conduct
  • Email, Internet, Computer System Policy
  • Safe Work Procedure Template
  • Social Media
  • Workplace Bullying Policy
  • Workplace Health and Safety

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