Recruiting that new team member can be a daunting process and you need to make sure you get it right. Getting the wrong employee can cause a host of different issues. There is no one solution to picking the right employee BUT there are tools that can help you make an informed decision.

Fresh HR Insights recommends Thomas International . They utilise objective, scientific and robust processes which are based on our reliable business assessment tools

The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) gives an accurate overview of an individual’s work behavioural preferences. It answers questions such as: what are their strengths and limitations? How do they communicate? What motivates them?

It can be used for successful recruitment, retention, development and management.

General Intelligence assessments (GIA) ‚ ¨This is an aptitude and ability test that measure a person’s fluid intelligence. It is an accurate and reliable predictor of a person’s development potential ‚ ¨ how quickly they can learn and retain new skills and procedures.

Both of Thomas International’s tests are done online. All that is required is there email address so that the link can get sent to them.

Once completed by the candidate I will receive the results, check them against the position description and contact the client to discuss my recommendations either via phone or email.