Due to overwhelming demand Fresh HR Insights is excited to announce the launch of its payroll outsourcing solution.

payroll outsourcing solutions

Think about this:

What would you do if your payroll officer suddenly vanished?

What would you do if you found out years of compliance fees had not been paid?

Do you know how to spot theft in the payroll?

How the aftermath of embezzlement left staff unpaid

The accountant who was also solely responsible for payroll at a large electrical contractor in Queensland was caught embezzling and dismissed for gross misconduct. The payroll process was a shambles and impossible for the new recruit to follow leaving the business unable to pay staff on time and with ATO obligations overdue and unpaid.

How the theft of 20 Million dollars through the payroll sent a National Retailer into liquidation

The payroll manager of troubled whitegoods and electrical retailer Clive Peeters admitted she used $20 million in company funds on a spending spree, buying more than 40 properties in 18 months.

How unpaid super went unnoticed and caused cash-flow to be compromised

A personal training organisation running a stellar business trusted their sole-bookkeeper with all things payroll and compliance only to find out from the ATO they were non-compliant and had not paid super. They had not planned for these additional costs or the fines that followed which severely compromised cashflow.


Compare the Cost: Outsourcing v’s In-House


As every client’s needs are unique are offering a free assessment of your payroll needs as well as a fixed price quote so you can compare the cost of all-things-payroll in-house compared with our expert outsourced solution.


A quote to outsource your payroll costs you nothing but complacence could cost you everything… literally


We’re keen to show you how affordable and hassle free our service is with our Payroll Partner. As a special offer Fresh HR Insights clients will receive a $500 voucher from our premier payroll partner.

Simply book your quote through Fresh HR Insights by contacting us using the special code: Cloud9 (offer valid for a limited time)